I AM the spark that ignites my passion for my life story and my creative energy. Life calls me to shine my light!
– Catalina

Imagine you are back in second grade. You walk into a classroom and there is a little girl sitting alone in the back corner. This girl is shy, quiet, calm, and never raises her arm to answer any question even though she is a straight A student. This same girl goes to recess and rides the swing alone and even has lunch by herself. When this girl rides the school bus, she sits behind the driver and never interacts with others. These scenarios were very common during this girl’s school years. That girl was me. For years I was ignored, I was never considered for anything important, and I was invisible to others. I felt that I had no presence and no voice.

It was a long time, years rather, before I found my voice, listened to it carefully, believed it and recognized that it was my own voice that had an enormous capacity to empower me and carry messages to the world. This is how I went from being the girl who sat in the corner of the classroom to running the classroom when I became a teacher. I found my spark through my own story.

Every part of who I am tells a story. My truth gives meaning to my life! Through my thoughts, my emotions, my voice, my truth becomes alive.

My truth, the way I live without social conditioning, without the way I was told I should be and how to be and the way I was expected to live my life.

Today I can say with certainty that I live free of labels, free of the expectations of others about me since I live fully without compromising my authenticity, my integrity, and my values.

I have learned how important it is to tell our story as it represents exactly who we are.

When we share our story, we not only give information about ourselves, but also help us not to forget it. Telling our story repeatedly also allows us to access our most precious memories and gain new knowledge, and that new knowledge allows us to further develop our own story.

Every story we tell has a root somewhere else because we never start from scratch, then we go down a path of facts, circumstances and conditions that change as we change.

The truth is that we are always changing, we are always evolving. This means that the story we tell is always in motion and never static.

In fact, we always create a new story in motion.

What is a story in motion?

Everything that we are and everything that we have lived from when we were born until now has contributed to the way we tell our own life story and that of others.

We have many stories. Some are happening at the same time, some stories we get over, some we get stuck for a while, some victimize us, some we love and some not so much, some empower us. We have many stories. A whole life made of stories. All stories in motion.

I have also learned to be clear in the story I am telling.

I wonder when I tell my story, is it aligned, and does it really represent who I am?

We must bear in mind that circumstances change, that we are not static, that opportunities arrive, and new experiences arise.

Sometimes we can hit a wall, feel lost, but we must not lose focus to move forward.

Some stories get stuck because we automatically and unconsciously repeat them the same way and need to clarify them. We always have room or need to make room to change for the better, even if it is something small.

We have a powerful tool and that is our creativity.

We can always change our story.

We don’t need to know all the answers or what the future holds. Being in the present moment is more powerful than we think. It is in the present that our story is lived in its fullness.

Are you ready to tell your story?

The world wants to witness your greatness and how far you have come. Share how your story changed and empowered you so you can be an inspiration to others.

Your story is your power.

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