Welcome to the blúmariposa Journey: The Metamorphosis of S.E.L.F.

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I’m thrilled to introduce you to my signature program – The Metamorphosis of the S.E.L.F!  With eight powerful stages over 10 weeks. This program is your guide to embracing your sensual, empowered, loving, and free self. Designed specifically for women in their 40s and beyond, it will empower you to unleash your best self and live the life you deserve.

Find out below if this program is right for you

5 Crucial Challenges Midlife Women Face

Struggling with Self-Love: Are you constantly pouring into others while leaving your own cup empty? This constant self-sacrifice can leave you feeling drained, unappreciated, and lost. Isn’t it time to turn some of that love inward?

Lacking Self-Respect: Do you often find yourself bending over backwards to please others, even at the cost of your own well-being? This lack of self-respect can lead to crossed boundaries and a silenced voice. Isn’t it time to stand up for yourself, set firm boundaries, and demand the respect you deserve?

Suffering from Low Self-Esteem: Do you look in the mirror and struggle to see the strong, accomplished woman you are? Low self-esteem can shroud your true potential in a cloak of self-doubt. Isn’t it time to shed this cloak and step into the light of self-confidence?

Battling Low Self-Worth: Do you often feel like you’re not enough? That no matter what you do, you’re always falling short? These feelings can shackle you in a prison of self-doubt and unworthiness. But isn’t it time to break free and realize your inherent worth?

Suppressing Your Sensuality: Have societal norms and expectations led you to suppress your sensuality? This can rob you of the joy and freedom that comes from expressing your authentic self. Isn’t it time to reclaim your sensuality and celebrate your femininity without fear of judgement?

I understand, truly, the ache and discomfort that engulfs you when you’re disconnected from your self-love, self-esteem, and sensuality. I’ve been there, standing exactly where you are now. I’ve felt the sting of self-doubt and the cold shadow of low self-worth. It’s a dark place, a lonely place.

I feel you, the gnawing emptiness, the yearning for something more. That persistent whisper in your ear telling you that something is not right, that you’re not living the life you were meant to live.  And worst of all, you feel disconnected from your own body, your own sensuality, as if you’re a stranger in your own skin.

Now, I stand before you, not as a beacon of perfection, but as a testament to resilience, self-love, and empowerment. I’ve walked this path, and now I invite you to walk with me. Are you ready to confront your fears, shatter your self-doubts, and reconnect with your sensuality? Are you ready to demand respect, reclaim your worth, and celebrate your achievements?

Benefits of the Metamorphosis of S.E.L.F.

Rediscover Self-Love: The Metamorphosis of S.E.L.F. program is a journey towards self-love, a journey towards truly cherishing who you are. It’s about recognizing your strengths, accepting your weaknesses, and loving yourself unconditionally. How often have you looked in the mirror and wished you were someone else? How often have you criticized yourself for not being perfect? This program will teach you to love yourself, warts and all. Because when you start loving yourself, you start living life to the fullest.

Cultivate Self-Respect: Self-respect is about treating yourself with kindness, setting boundaries, and demanding respect from others. This program will teach you to value yourself, to stand up for yourself, and to say ‘no’ when necessary. You’ll learn to surround yourself with people who respect you and treat you well. You’ll learn to respect yourself, and in doing so, you’ll command respect from others.

Boost Your Self-Esteem: Do you doubt your abilities? Do you feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough? The Metamorphosis of S.E.L.F. program will help you boost your self-esteem. It’s about understanding that you are enough, just as you are. It’s about valuing your achievements, embracing your flaws, and realizing that your worth is not tied to what others think of you.

Reclaim Your Self-Worth: The Metamorphosis of S.E.L.F. program will guide you on a journey to reclaim your self-worth. It will help you understand that your worth is not determined by your past, your mistakes, or other people’s opinions. You are valuable, just as you are. You’ll learn to celebrate your achievements, appreciate your inherent value, and understand that you deserve happiness and success.

Unleash Your Sensuality: This program is about embracing your body, celebrating your femininity, and expressing your desires without fear or shame. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin and appreciating the wonder that is your body. You’ll learn to reconnect with your sensuality and sexuality and celebrate it, because it’s a vital part of who you are.

The 8 Transformational Stages Explained


The first illuminating stage of your transformative journey. Have you ever sensed a flame within you, waiting to be ignited? This is where we kindle that flame, guiding you toward an equilibrium between your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Isn’t it time to live a life ablaze with purpose and passion?


Get ready to tap into your inner artist and healer with this second transformative stage. It’s a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. So, are you ready to embark on this amazing journey of self-discovery?


Unleash your inner creativity in the third stage and share your unique gifts with the world! Dive into the intuitive process and discover your light, spirit, and heartfelt work. Get ready to CREATE and make a meaningful impact on others. Are you ready to embrace your true potential?


Discover the transformative power of Chrysalis of the Heart. This fourth stage is the ultimate journey of self-discovery, embracing sensuality, empowerment, and true confidence through mirror work and self-love. Get ready to unleash your inner sexiness and embrace the incredible person you are.


Unlock the depths of your soul in the fifth stage! Prepare to be moved and captivated by the powerful blend of intuition, creativity, and boundless imagination. Are you ready to embrace and unleash your true essence? It’s time to say yes to the journey of self-discovery.


Reconnect with nature and uplift your spirit in the sixth stage! Embrace the therapeutic power of nature to boost your confidence, elevate your self-esteem, and invigorate your body. Experience the joyful benefits of a more active lifestyle.


Harness the transformative power of ancient practices and awaken your soul to a higher state of consciousness. By delving into the realm of spirituality and energy healing, you will unlock your true potential and invite divine wisdom into your life.


In the eighth and final stage, step into a transformative journey. This profound process will ignite your inner compass and propel you towards your wildest ambitions. Embrace the belief that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. You will experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose, just as a butterfly completes its life cycle.                              

The metamorphosis of a butterfly is a beautiful metaphor for this journey. Just as a butterfly goes through different stages of transformation before it spreads its wings and takes flight, you too will go through the different stages of this program to reach your full potential.
With a focus on creative expression and energy healing practices, I will guide you through this journey of self-discovery, cultivating awareness, intuition, connection, activation, experience, revelation, gratitude, and manifestation.

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