Uplift is the 6th stage of you butterfly journey. It’s time to disengage from your daily routine, uplift your spirit and enjoy your soul connection to Mother Earth. Allow the beauty and the power of nature to speak to you through your heart, mind, and all your senses. Reconnect with yourself, with the divine within, and see your creative and spiritual self resurface.

What is Nature and Forest Therapy & The Labyrinth?

I call it a pure soul connection. As a Certified Inner Harmony Forest Therapy® Guide and a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, I invite you to explore and walk in nature with me. Yes! Let’s Explore. Let’s go for a walk…barefoot. Yes, barefoot and let’s feel the soil, the grass, the water, and the sand.

Walking barefoot becomes part of the Grounding and Earthing process I’ll guide you through. Let’s experience nature. Let’s allow ourselves to be in silence and feel. Engage with the view, the textures, the sounds, and the feelings nature has to offer. It’s your purest connection to Mother Earth.

The labyrinth is a sacred pattern, an ancient tool that can help us quiet the mind and create a space to explore in a unique, profound, and healing way the meanings of our inner life. It is a spiritual practice.

The traces of labyrinths have a very long history. The most famous of the medieval labyrinths were laid in the early 13th century and it’s found in the nave of the Chartres Cathedral, France.

I want to encourage and guide others into this spiritual journey of self-discovery. Every walk is as unique as the person doing it. I invite those who are looking for powerful insights to walk the Sacred Pattern, the Sacred Space, and the Sacred Path.

If you are in the Houston area, I invite you to meet me at Holy Name Retreat Center once a month to walk the labyrinth.

Let’s do an exercise.

I invite you to disengage from your daily routine and take a walk, a short walk.

Go to the park or to any natural setting and to enhance you experience, take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath you, sit in silence just for a few minutes, breathe deeply, engage your senses, notice everything around you, and immerse into a world of wonder.

There is so much mother nature has to offer and it only takes a few minutes to feel all the potential and benefits it has to offer.

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How can Forest & Nature Therapy and Labyrinth help me on my journey?

I would like to ask you a couple of questions:

How much time do you spend in nature?

How often do you stop to smell the roses?

Do you remember the last time you took a break to watch the clouds?

Practicing nature therapy on a regular basis has many benefits. Here are a few examples: it improves your mood, reduces feelings of anger, makes you feel better emotionally, helps you take time out and feel more relaxed, it contributes to your physical well-being by reducing blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

Spending time in nature improves your confidence and self-esteem; it helps you be more active and boosts creativity.

When you walk the Labyrinth, your journey begins when you stand in front of it right at the entrance. Take a moment to be in silence, to say a prayer, perhaps ask a question, seek guidance. This is also a good time to set your intention.

Begin to listen to your inner wisdom and what you are called to do. Once you’re ready, enter and start walking the sacred pattern toward the center. Listen to your inner rhythm and follow it. It’s your walk, it’s your pace.

There is only one path so you cannot get lost, though you may lose your way and end up at the beginning again. It is all part of your journey. Honor every step and every turn. Notice your feelings and emotions.

Everything that happens in the labyrinth is a metaphor.

Pay attention to everything you see, you hear, you touch, you smell and you feel during the walk as it may reflect things that happen to you outside the labyrinth.

Embrace your experience and notice what comes up is a message for you.

My journey with Nature Therapy & The Labyrinth

I discovered the joy of Forest Bathing and Earthing while visiting an amazing place up in Scotts Valley, CA. I was there for a week at a spiritual retreat. I felt an immense sense of peace and belonging from the minute I arrived. I was surrounded by stunning trees, colorful flowers, and beautiful clear blue skies. It was a gorgeous place.

Mother earth reached every fiber in my body while I spent quality time on its grounds; by walking, tree-hugging, grounding, meditating, listening to all the sounds around, and feeling the earth beneath and the sky above. This place enhanced my respect and love for nature and all my senses were intensified by its beauty. I connected to God, to myself, and to everything around me. I disconnected from the daily routine, the busy schedule, and the noise of the city.

This experience led me to spend more time outside in a meaningful way and led me to learn more about all the benefits of forest bathing and earthing so I could share them with others. My first walk through the labyrinth happened when I came across a labyrinth for the first time in Los Angeles, CA a few years ago.

I remember when I saw it, I approached it carefully. I was mesmerized by the feeling it gave me and I was also very curious. I had never been close to one before.

I began the evening by standing in front of the labyrinth barefoot, in complete silence, in prayer, then I bowed and proceeded to enter.

The moment I walked in, my journey began. I honored every step and every turn, and when I got to the center, I sat down, I felt peace and I cried, I cried tears of relief. On my walk out, I knew exactly what I had to do next.

How did all this happen? Well, I opened myself to receive, I connected to God, I allowed my inner wisdom to whisper, to guide me, and to show me the way. I began to explore the potential of the labyrinth. It was a deeply spiritual experience.

Read my full story here

It’s time to UPLIFT your spirit with nature and walk the labyrinth on your blúmariposa journey!

All you need to do is show up. You are already the adventurer of your life.

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