LOVE, the center of everything, is within YOU too! Kudos on reaching the 4th stage of the blúmariposa journey, Chrysalis of the Heart. What an exciting moment in your life! You’re now prepared to delve deep into self-discovery, unlock your full potential, and achieve greatness. Believe in yourself and know that you can reach your dreams.

Your chrysalis will be your guiding star, reminding you that everything you require is within you. Your limitations are just stepping stones towards your goals, so approach them with kindness and positivity.

Today marks a fresh opportunity to move closer towards fulfilling your dreams. Take a moment to reflect on your magnificence and the tremendous power within you. Keep moving forward and never give up, because you can achieve anything you set your mind to. The sky is the limit!

What is the Chrysalis of the Heart?

Your Higher Self is always there to guide you on your journey of self-discovery. Take a moment to listen to its gentle voice and feel its presence in the depths of your heart. Like a shining light within you, your Higher Self illuminates the path to your true self.

The Chrysalis offers you a unique opportunity to embark on an inward journey that will take you straight to the center of your being, your heart. This journey will reveal many sacred mirrors, including the mirror of your self-love, which can help you reclaim aspects of your lost power. Embrace this moment and trust in your innate ability to rediscover your authentic self.

It’s time to claim your power and unleash the full potential of your being. Let the Chrysalis be your guide as you awaken to your truest self and the infinite possibilities that lie within.

Let’s do an exercise.

Establish a morning ritual. Start your day with something wonderful for you, like a “love yourself” routine for a few minutes before you start your day.

To do this, I invite you to stand in front of the mirror first thing in the morning and say the following affirmations out loud:

  • I am healthy!
  • I am beautiful!
  • I am complete!
  • Thank you, body, for carrying my soul,
  • It feels so good to be me!
  • I love you!

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How can Chrysalis Of The Heart help me on my journey?

Let me start by saying that you are not alone in feeling uncertain about who you are and where you want to go. But take heart, because this is an opportunity for self-discovery and growth. It’s time to tap into your inner voice and take control of your life. Listen to your heart and pay attention to the messages it’s sending you. You may have forgotten about your gifts and your purpose, but they are still there waiting to be discovered. Take the time to nurture your heart and connect with your true self. Remember that your heart is your private connection with the universe, and it will always guide you if you let it. You are capable of amazing things, and with dedication and self-care, you can unlock your full potential. So embrace your heart and take the first step on this incredible journey of self-discovery.

Dear friend, take a moment to look in the mirror and admire the incredible person staring back at you. You are a unique and divine creation, blessed by God himself. Embrace and cherish every aspect of yourself, for they make you who you are. It’s time to live life to the fullest and follow the guidance of your heart.

Your heart is the source of all wisdom and has the power to guide you towards your deepest desires and passions. Be patient and listen carefully to the guidance it provides. Your compassionate heart will act as a compass, preventing you from getting lost in the chaos of the world.

So go forth with joy and confidence, trusting that your incredible heart will guide you towards your purpose and passion in life. Remember, you are a miracle, and you deserve all the happiness and success in the world!

Welcome to your journey of self-discovery, where every step you take is a step closer to your true self. Don’t simply navigate through change, celebrate it! Be assured that every alteration, be it big or small, has the power to bring tremendous positive change to your life. Take ownership of your path, evaluate your objectives and values and recognise what is most important to you. Listen carefully to the voice within – it will direct you on your path to purpose. Understand that you are capable of overcoming any obstacle or hurdle that presents itself. You are unique, with your own set of unmatchable qualities, so always remember to love yourself unconditionally and appreciate the exceptional gifts you have to share with the world. It’s your time to shine, so embrace every moment of this wonderful and fulfilling journey called life.

My journey with The Chrysalis


“When I really loved myself, I understood that in any circumstance, I was in the right place, at the right time, and at the exact moment, and then, I was able to relax.
Today I know that this has a name… Self-esteem

When I really loved myself
I could perceive that my anguish,
and my emotional suffering is nothing but a sign that I go against my own truths.
Today I know that it is… Authenticity

When I really loved myself
I stopped wishing my life was different, and I began to accept everything that happens, and that contributes to my growth.
Today I know that this is called… Maturity

When I really loved myself
I began to perceive that it is offensive to try to force some situation, or person, just to do what I want, even knowing that it is not the time, or the person is not ready, including myself.
Today I know that the name of that is… Respect.

When I really loved myself
I began to get rid of everything that was not healthy: people, situations, and anything to push me down.  At first my reason called that attitude selfishness.
Today I know it’s called… Self-Love

When I really loved myself
I stopped fearing free time and I gave up making big plans,
I abandoned the mega-projects of the future.
Today I do what I find right, what I like when I want, and at my own pace.
Today I know that it is… Simplicity 

When I really loved myself
I gave up wanting to always be right, and thus, I erred less times.
Today I discovered that this is… Humility.

When I really loved myself
I gave up staying in the past, and worrying about the future. Now, I stay in the present, which is where life happens. Today I live one day at a time.
And that is called… Fullness

When I really loved myself
I realized that my mind could torment and disappoint me.
But when I place it at the service of my heart, she has a great and valuable ally.
All that is… Knowing how to live

We should not be afraid to question ourselves,
“In fact, even planets collide. and out of chaos are born most of the stars.”
Charles Chaplin

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You are here to LOVE yourself as you continue your growth on your blúmariposa journey!

All you need to do is show up. You are already the lover of your life.

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