Believe is the 7th stage of the blúmariposa journey. Welcome to Angel Wings Roundtable®, your sacred space, your inner voice, and your private connection to the Divine Spirit.
Believe when you hear your Divine Wisdom. Believing affirms your spirit, leaves you confident, eases your insecurities, and encourages self-love and acceptance. Believing awakens your compassion and highlights your love for those around you.

Before entering sacred ground, it is important to talk about who the angels are.

An angel is generally a supernatural being found in various religions and mythologies. In Abrahamic religions, angels are often depicted as benevolent celestial beings who act as intermediaries between God or Heaven and humanity.

Angels vibrate in the same loving energy as God.

These beings of light are here to serve humanity with compassion, grace, joy, and peace and their role is to watch over, protect, and guide us throughout our human journey.

These divine celestial beings are here so we never feel alone or abandoned by God.

There are an infinite number of angelic beings in the Kingdom of God and each of us can communicate with angels; each of us has our own guardian angels to call upon to assist us in all aspects of our lives.

Now I invite you to learn about Angel Wings Roundtable®

Angel Wings Roundtable® is a sacred space in which I have put all my love, energy,  knowledge, experiences, and wisdom.

It is a special place where you are welcomed and encouraged to learn all about the fascinating world of angels. I would like to invite you to join me. You do not have to have a psychic gift to connect or communicate with the angels, simply affirm your desire, and open your heart to them.

Angel Wings Roundtable® is a safe space where you come and explore this journey with me as you learn all about this spirit world.

Come and learn to: open yourself up to the angels, raise your vibration and connect with the angels, develop, increase, and improve your intuition, and communicate with the angels. 

You can also get help and protection from angels in everyday life, heal and forgive with the angels, create abundance and prosperity, and find the purpose of life with the angels.

In addition, you will learn to do Angel Card readings, improve your relationship with the angels, and manifest your dreams with the angels.

Let’s do an exercise.

I invite you to use your senses and know that angels are present.
The essence of opening yourself up to your angels is simply getting into an open-hearted state.

There are exercises that can prepare you to do this, but for now, start by simply sitting quietly, going within yourself, and listening.

Angels connect with our highest source of knowledge, the higher self, that aspect of ourselves that is aware of GOD.

I invite you to pay close attention to signs, music, words, coins, pens, smells, visions, numbers, dreams, and messages in books, magazines, letters… synchronicities.
Nothing is by chance.

Be alert when you feel chills, goosebumps, tingling on the back of your neck, tears…

Listen to that voice when it tells you to turn right instead of left and what about those extra 5 minutes you didn’t count on.

Keep a journal. I invite you to write the different experiences you are having. Everything counts. Remember that there are no coincidences. Just synchronicities.

Upcoming events:

There are no upcoming events.

How can Angel Wings Roundtable guide me on this journey?

Have you ever wondered how you would feel if you could live your life more fully, living in the present moment, knowing that you are whole, healed, and complete?

Well, you already are! You are a perfect child of God.

How can you see this, feel this, know this, live this? The angels can help you.

People I talk to are amazed at how easy it is to talk to their angels.
Angels connect with our highest source of knowledge, the higher self, that aspect of ourselves that is aware of GOD.

You don’t need to meditate on top of a mountain for twenty years to do it and you will find out as you explore this fascinating world here with me. We humans can connect, ask, dialogue, feel, enjoy, and trust these beings of light.

The angels are present. As you become more attuned to non-physical frequencies, you are able to raise your personal energetic frequency and vibration.

The essence of opening yourself up to your angels is simply entering into an open-hearted state, open to infinite possibilities. Talking with your angel will give you the key to understanding yourself and others.

You can also clarify your purpose in life and open yourself to your unique gifts.

On Mondays, I will be live on Instagram @blumariposa.creative.soul and I will cover different topics relating to this fascinating world.

There will also be a message that your angels want you to know for the week and a guest will join us from time to time. So, I invite you to this brief but powerful weekly meeting.

Let’s explore the fascinating world of angels together!

My journey with the angels.

Let me start with what is an Intuitive Angel Guide.
It is a call for those who are ready to take the next step in communication with the angelic realm. It is usually a person who feels guided to help, heal, teach, or act as a spiritual advisor to others.

When I was a child, my grandmother, with whom I had a very close relationship, taught me my first prayer: “Mi ángel de la guardia” and this prayer as well as her teachings has accompanied me throughout my life.
Different circumstances throughout my life have guided me toward these beings of light. I have been open and willing to receive and live connected to a higher realm. I have been fascinated with angels for as long as I can remember.

My relationship with these spiritual beings allowed me to develop my senses in a very special way.

Angels are part of my spiritual journey, and this spiritual journey is an ongoing journey, it’s an ever-evolving journey, it’s a beautiful and powerful journey.

My passion for angels and the miraculous transformational gifts I have received throughout my life inspired me to become a messenger of angels and that is why I am compelled to share my knowledge and experience with others.

I feel called to encourage others to learn about the fascinating world of angels and guide them through different processes where they can connect and build a relationship.

The more I can help others understand who these beings of light are and how they can help, the more present and helpful angels become in their lives. That’s why I created the Angel Wings Roundtable.

Read my full story here

You are open to BELIEVE as we gather at the Angel Wings RoundTable on your blúmariposa journey!

All you need to do is show up. You are already the beliver of your life.

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