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Blúmariposa is an expressive art studio, where you are guided to reconnect, explore, spark and awaken to your soul’s purpose as you manifest wings and thrice by using intuition, creativity and spirituality

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Our Story

The story behind blúmariposa creative soul studios and how it sparked its soul and manifested its wings.

It all started on a New Year’s Day.

The Caterpillar’s Metamorphosis.

While on a deep spiritual journey and going through a major transition in my life, I realized there was a bigger calling for me.

It felt I had reached the pinnacle of my career. My pages were no longer exciting, they had turned blank, and my days felt dull and monotonous.

This wasn’t me at all. I had loved and cherished every minute being a teacher. I was lucky to be one. I knew this was my calling from a very early age and I had met incredible people from around the world, all ages, and from all walks of life while fulfilling my destiny.  So, what happened? Why the need to quit my job?

Well, it was time to move my knowledge, wisdom, and experience of 25 years into a different direction. I finally realized I had not only been teaching and guiding others how to grow their wings and take flight, but all these years had also been a school for me.

At this point, no questions, no hesitations, no hold backs were allowed although I had no clue what my next step was going to be, the only way to make it happen was to take a leap of faith and so I did.

The intention was set, I was determined to make it happen, and my life started to change.

The very same day I decided, or I should say the day my SOUL decided to spark in order to change the course of my life’s calling; signs started to appear right in front of my eyes, synchronicities were frequent, opportunities showed up at my door, and signs from heaven were loud and clear.

The new chapter in my book of life had begun.

I started to break free from the chrysalis and transformation was at hand for sure. It felt like it was the first day of the rest of my life and with it came the pain, the discomfort, the fear, the anxiety, but also the enthusiasm and joy, the enthusiasm and joy of a new start.

It was my turn to grow my wings, it was time for me to turn my black and white pages into full color while I discovered new worlds.

This journey, like any journey, was going to take a tremendous amount of real deep soul searching and discovery. As well as courage, dedication, time, effort, tears, laughter, long days, endless nights, and a strong creative awakening. A transformational and healing journey for sure.

It was important for me to continue following my calling and passion some way. I knew I could continue to teach and guide but this time in a more meaningful, purposeful, spiritual and creative way.

The teamwork, the encouragement, and support from my family-my earth angels made blúmariposa creative soul studios a reality.

My goal along with my faith, my passion, my confidence, and commitment is to make a difference and to help others who want to awaken to their soul’s purpose, reach their maximum potential, manifest their wings, take flight and thrive while aslo discovering the fascinating world of angels. 

I am the HEARTisan, the SOULexplorer, and the CREATIVEmind behind blúmariposa Creative Soul Studios.

This is the time to spark your soul and manifest your wings!

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