My Journey With SoulCollage

Jul 22, 2020 | My Jurney

My journey with SoulCollage

“Your soul is interested in how you use your energy- what you create- and whether you achieve your greatest potential. It sees the experiences of your life as part of a larger, richer, more complete picture than the one you can see.”
Gary Zukav


I learnt about SoulCollage® the day I walked into my first session back in early March of 2018. ​

I had no idea what I had signed up for. I came across the workshop on the MeetUp App and decided to go to it the night before the event when I had just come back from a 5-day Spiritual and Artistic retreat in 1440 Multiversity up in Scottsdale, CA. I wanted to give it a shot. I was on a creative rush for sure. Little did I know I was in for a big shift in my life that day.​

I remember I walked in, confused at first and throughout half of the day I realized this workshop was different. ​

From the minute I made my very first SoulCollage® neter I was sold!​

I walked out with 5 neters (cards) that same day and I immediately started to do my research. I wanted to know who Seena Frost was and I wanted to learn more about the whole process. I knew I had come across something big, something meaningful and it wasn’t going to stop there. ​

I found and still find the creation of the cards as well as the stories that come through them incredibly touching.​

SoulCollage® was what I had been looking for but didn’t know. It began to show me a world that I now love, and I enjoy being part of. It is an important piece of the puzzle in my world of spirituality, intuition, and creativity.​

I am convinced SoulCollage® was a calling from above. Seena’s incredible legacy has transformed my life. I continue to read her books, I continue to listen to her recordings, and I find myself creating more and more cards. I sometimes sit for a few minutes and I sometimes sit and create for hours. Some cards are quick to make and some take days to finish. Some are easy and others are picky. Some neters are gentle and some are very strong. ​

I love my cards. Every single one of them. I have over 150 and I can recognize every single one. I enjoy listening to each one. Each neter has different wants and needs. ​

I have a whole armoire in my home studio dedicated to SoulCollage®. It’s always open. I have a total of 32 bins on the shelves. all marked by categories. ​

My cards are on the top shelf as part of the altar. It’s the first thing I see when I walk in. Always there to greet me. I don’t create every day, but I do cut images as much as I can, and my son helps me sort them out and puts them in the bins. He always takes the best ones for himself and that makes me happy. He enjoys the process. I was so proud when he made his first card. ​

As a Certified Facilitator I can share this amazing experience and knowledge with others. ​

I teach SoulCollage® is an incredible journey of self-discovery. My mission is to help others see this method as a powerful tool we can use to tap into our inner wisdom and how it welcomes us to connect to our soul.​

SoulCollage® calls us to spark our soul, to explore, to imagine, to create, it also invites us to listen, to acknowledge, to understand, to embrace all of who we are. SoulCollage guides us to uplift, to dream and to believe.​

It also points out where we need to improve, where we need forgiveness and healing, as well as how we can expand, grow and thrive. ​

I reassure it is a powerful path to soul awakening. ​

I like to share my own life stories because from my own experience, I know SoulCollage® can be life changing in many levels and of course my mission is to welcome others into this magical world of intuition and creativity. ​

I believe in community. When I do my SoulCollage® workshops I include Indra’s net and encourage everyone to put their gem on it in honor of Seena Frost and as a reminder we are all connected. We all belong. I can’t wait to see it grow and glow in the years to come. ​

My mission is to continue following my soul’s purpose and integrating the Expressive, Intuitive Arts and Spirituality by bringing this process out into the world to adults and children.​

My Workshops and gatherings are available in English and Spanish. Offerings in The United States and Colombia.​