My Journey With Expressive Arts

Jun 2, 2021 | My Jurney

 I’ve been creative all my life one way or another but never saw creativity as a therapeutic process until I dove into my own personal journey.

 My mother passed away unexpectedly. This has been by far the most painful experience in my life and although it still hurts, and it will hurt for the rest of my life, I can say I have learned how to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level thanks to the expressive and healing arts.

It’s been a hard and long practice, but a powerful one for sure.


The day I walked into the Art studio in San Diego, CA is the day my recovery process began without recognizing it.

I had no idea it was my own journey the one to give me all the highlights, insights, and healing I needed at the time through a variety of creative processes.

Through arts projects including visual arts, dance, writing, music along with spiritual practices and guided imagery, expressive arts gave me the tools I needed in my life in order to manifest my wings.

 I walked into the studio as a caterpillar, I then moved into the chrysalis and stayed in that dark, sticky, uncomfortable, painful place for months and ultimately emerged as a butterfly.

I trusted the process, I stepped into my freedom to express, I reclaimed the artist and the healer in me.


The expressive arts have allowed me to meet who I truly am. I have met with the gorgeous, vibrant, full of life, sexy self and I have also met the ugly, the hurt, and the shadow.

I’ve had long conversations with myself through my art. I’ve hugged the fragile little girl, I’ve listened to the rebellious teen, I have also attended to the defiant adult, and I have embraced the mother.

My stories of healing, transformation, and purpose has led me to who I am today, learning to live my best authentic self.


I have my personal and sacred place where I honor my creativity.

I don’t need to step into it only in the darkest of my days, I also love to step in there when I am at my happiest.

I feel the best when I am in my own space, with all the elements that makes it unique, cozy, lovely, welcoming, and inspiring for me to create in it for hours at a time.  

Every day is different and so is every creation.

Once I start submerging myself in my own processes, messages start to emerge. I hear love and compassion reminding me how important I am, how loved I am, and that I am doing my best.

I continue to step into my own transformation in the chrysalis and I know I grow bigger wings every time I come out.

It’s personal growth and empowerment at its best.


Every level of healing has its own process, and every process is different.

Transformation happens more than once. It must happen more than once.

Life is ever growing and ever evolving and so are we.


 I welcome to this work, to your own journey.

Your journey to explore your inner landscape, allowing whatever emerges in your art to simply be.

There may be imagery, thoughts, feelings. Whatever comes up in your creative process is perfectly fine. You don’t have to understand everything or make sense of it. It will come to you when you’re ready.

Every single one of us is an artist, every single one of us has a seed of creativity that is infinite and beautiful, positive and negative, fun and hard, and it expresses itself in all kinds of ways.

 Invite yourself to not be afraid, to make “mistakes”, to make childlike art, messy art. Send your inner critic for a long walk, go with the flow and make it happen.

You have everything you need to create a healing practice for yourself. Your body knows exactly what to do once you release the tension and be fully present just being yourself.

Embrace the place where you are, giving yourself permission to be playful, to be confident, to be happy, to be sad, allow yourself to be home wherever you are. Home where there is no judgment, no criticism, just freedom.

Know you’re here to make art as a transformational experience.

Home where you reclaim the artist in you, the healer in you!

Trust the process.