My Journey With Angel Wings Round Table​

May 28, 2021 | My Jurney

My journey with Angel Wings Round Table

When I was a child, I was bullied. I was severally bullied at school and bullied by family members, making me feel like the ugly duckling and the undeserving, when in fact, I was just the fragile and the quiet one. I was a lonely girl who spent most of her time on her own hiding from the violent world she was facing.

During these difficult years is when my bond with the angels began. Kids have imaginary friends, I had angels.

I can recall being protected and comforted by these messengers of God from a very early age.

One of many stories is when I was around 8 years old.

One afternoon, I got home from school during a rainstorm, I changed my clothes and then I went to my mother’s bathroom, sat on her large vanity like I had done so many times before.

I enjoyed sitting on the vanity with a brush, watch myself in the large mirror, and just brush my hair for hours while having full conversations. By myself.

Going back to the story, on that same day, while sitting on the vanity, I began to hear voices that came from the mirror. I got scared and ran out of the house, sat outside the door in the rain, and waited for my mom and sisters to arrive.

I shared my experience with my family shortly after, but no one really understood what occurred, so they dismissed it. After that day things continued to happen, I was more aware, but I decided not to talk about it.

My conclusion was that while other kids spent their time talking to toys and dolls, I spent my time talking to angels. Simple. Didn’t need to describe or explain anything to anyone.

For me it was real. I felt seen, heard, understood, comforted, I felt accepted, and loved. It felt safe. I was safe.


The relationship with these spiritual beings allowed me to develop my senses is a very special way.

I was open to receive, I coexisted connected to a higher realm.

I often saw things my mom and sisters couldn’t see. There are many stories for me to share for example when I saw members from a band performing live. What’s special about this story? The band was on a poster in my sisters’ room, and they had been killed in an accident and how about the story of a candelabra my mom purchased and had to return it the very next day after I told her about the images that I saw on it were not very welcoming, and I was called to tell her not to keep it in the house and the last story to share for now is when one of our neighbors who lived across the street from us had passed away, she appeared in front of us, but I was the only one who saw her.

Things I grew up seeing and experiencing may never be explained and that’s ok because I know for a fact I was always guided, protected, and saved from danger like the time I was faced with a possible kidnapper, and the time I almost got killed while in an abusive relationship, and of course there is that time when a robbery happened right in front of me, there we shots, and angels pulled up to help me.

 Angels continue to be an important part of who I am and as an adult I continue to explore and learn everything about the Messengers of God. It’s a spiritual journey and this spiritual journey is an ongoing journey, t’s an ever-evolving journey, It’s a beautiful and powerful journey.

My passion for the angels and the miraculous gifts of transformation I have received inspired me to become a messenger for the angels and that’s why I am compelled to share my knowledge with others. I feel called to encourage others to learn about the fascinating world of angels and to guide them through processes where they can connect and build a relationship. The more I can help others understand who they are and how they can aid, the more present and helpful angels become in their life. That’s why I created the Angel Wings Roundtable.


Angel Wings Roundtable is the safe space where you can come and walk this journey with me and where you will learn about angels and how

To invoke the angels

To open and connect with the angels

To communicate with the angels

To get help and protection from the angels in everyday life

To heal and forgive with the angels

To create abundance and prosperity

To enhance your relationship with the angels

To manifest your dreams with the angels




There are infinite number of angelic beings in God’s kingdom, and they all have different roles to serve and help humanity.

God created these messengers of light to bridge the communication between heaven and earth and as guardians and helpers.

Their role is to watch us, protect us, and guide us along our human journey. These divine celestial beings are here so you would never feel alone or abandoned by God.

They vibrate in the same loving energy as God, and they are here to serve humanity with compassion, grace, joy, and peace.

The angels have a mission to serve and assist us throughout our life. It is important to know it is an honor for them to do so. 

Every single one of us can communicate with angels and every single one of us have our own guardian angels to call upon to help with in all aspects of our life.