SoulCollage® Workshop Create and heal

Tap into your intuition and creativity with SoulCollage®. Create a unique deck of cards that reflect your inner self and power.

Catalina Powell, SoulCollage

Uniques Intuitive Collage & Journaling

In this live three-hour workshop, we’ll explore simple mindfulness and SoulCollage® inspired practices. Intuitive Collage focuses on the process of creating and can help us de-stress and express ourselves creatively. 

I’ll be sharing an art demonstration of the Intuitive Collage process, a guided visualization regarding self-care in our lives, in-depth journaling prompts, and optional group sharing for support. You’ll receive guidance regarding how to select images and make cards, and ways to make meaning of the images you’ve created for additional clarity

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Soulcollage® Workshop

3 Hour Live Zoom workshop
$ 50
  • Live on Zoom
  • 3 hours of fun
  • Spark Your Soul

What you will need for this workshop

Catalina Powell, SoulCollage

About Me

From the moment I created my first neter/card, my soul opened wide, and I felt a change in my life. It was an incredible experience of awakening, healing, and awareness.

SoulCollage® began to show me a world that I now love, enjoy as a daily practice, and share with others.

My mission as a facilitator is to welcome you into this process as you explore the endless possibilities and awaken the artist within.

Client Testimonials

Catalina's approach to facilitation is unique and deeply impactful. She masterfully guides you through a journey of self-discovery and introspection, using the SoulCollage® as a reflective mirror. She has this uncanny ability to make each participant feel seen, heard, and truly understood. The insights I gained during our sessions have been instrumental in my personal growth and self-transformation. If you are on a journey of self-discovery, I cannot recommend Catalina enough."
Maria Cris Medina
I've always understood the power of words, but Catalina's SoulCollage® facilitation opened up a whole new realm of self-expression for me. Her method combines intuition and creativity, allowing participants to delve deep into their subconscious and emerge with profound insights. Catalina is more than just a facilitator; she is a guide, a mentor, and a catalyst for change. The understanding I've gained about myself through her guidance is something I will carry with me always."
Andrea Roa
Her approach is not just about creation, it's about introspection, discovery, and most importantly, transformation. She weaves a safe space where you can explore your innermost thoughts and feelings, and express them through a collage that speaks volumes more than words ever could. The experience was powerful, cathartic, and I left with a newfound appreciation for myself and my journey. Catalina is truly a beacon of light guiding us on our paths to self-discovery."
Catalina Powell, SoulCollage
Alexandrea Serriano

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