I started to create this transition. It has not been easy at all, but I am determined and passionate about this project and I understand that this metamorphosis, as I call it, brings adjustments and with each step I take there is a lesson for me and a Blessing to share.
– Catalina

What do you consider to be your life’s work?

Let me ask you that again.

What do you consider to be your life’s work?

This is a powerful and distressing question that not all of us can answer 100% or without hesitation at some point.

Don’t worry if you find it difficult to answer or if you have no idea at this point.

Knowing exactly and with total conviction what your life’s work is, is not an easy task nor is it a task to be taken lightly.
Don’t you think? but why?

Well, in my opinion, this is not a question that we ask ourselves every day, nor is it a question that worries us, or keeps us awake, right?

I say this especially for myself.

This is a question that never crossed my mind, at least for the first forty and something chapters of my life.

For many years I lived day to day, I gave my all in the performance of my duties, I lived happily and fully, as well as without worries since I always considered that what I did with my profession and vocation was the best, giving my best, and hoping for the best.

Today, I am grateful that this powerful and distressing question never crossed my mind. I would not have been ready to ask it, much less to answer it, but one day out of nowhere and without looking for it, it showed up. The famous question came in full force and began to torment me mercilessly. Are you wondering if I was ready at that point in my life to answer when it showed up? Of course not. I wasn’t ready as I would have imagined or at least hoped.
The good thing is that I was able to answer the question with certainty, but it took me a while.

How did this happen?

A few years ago, I came across something wonderful and intriguing.

A labyrinth! The amazing thing is that it was close to my house in Woodland Hills, CA which was unusual because I didn’t expect to find one in the middle of the city. So, from that day on I took advantage and continued visiting it. For me, walking the labyrinth was a wonderful spiritual experience.

It was on a cloudy afternoon when I decided to visit the labyrinth once more, but this time with an open mind and an open heart, without intentions, without questions.

I took my first step and in silence and with respect I began to walk carefully paying attention to my breathing, my feelings, my emotions, my inner being.

As I walked, the sun came out through the clouds and began to light my way and at that moment my whole being lit up.

In that enlightenment I knew why I had been a teacher for so long, I understood that I was the one who had been the student all these years while teaching and guiding others to grow their wings and fly.

I started my teaching career as a caterpillar, I went through each of the stages and this was the moment to come out of the chrysalis, my wings were strong, and I was ready to fly!

If it hadn’t been for all those years, for all those students, for all that knowledge and all that experience, I would never have been able to write the new chapter in my book of life or create the life I now live following my true calling.

The funny thing is that I never saw my career that way until now. It sure was a butterfly journey.

The difference is that it takes the butterfly weeks to go through the metamorphosis while it took me 25 years to create, harness my guidance and inner wisdom, let my imagination run wild, listen to my soul, and transform myself.

So, goodbye to the left-brain control freak with its black and white pages, and HELLO to the right-brain with its freedom and endless colorful rainbows!

The question was clearly answered.

Walking the labyrinth that afternoon was when I came to a significant conclusion.
Now I can answer with complete certainty and confidence what my life’s work is, it’s my light that is more alive and brighter than ever.

I would like to ask you one more time:

What do you consider to be your life’s work?

And now I ask you:

How determined and passionate are you about it?

And finally let me ask you:

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