Art with impact 

May 26, 2021 | Intuitive Collage

I am the one who is alive and vibrates in pure inspiration, motivation and passion. ​
I am the one who comes out of the cocoon, who comes out of the darkness, who transforms, who grows and evolves. ​
I am the who one has vision, who dreams big, I am the one who has potential. ​
I am the one who spreads my wings wide open and takes flight into infinite possibilities creating meaningful connections with incredible beings in incredible places. ​

I am the one who shines and thrives as I continue my path and as I follow my soul’s purpose.​
I am the one who stands out, who is multifaceted and who people remember. ​
I am the one who is different, who is unique, who is admired and who makes an impact.​

I am the one who with the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom, the imagination, the dedication and with the Divine guidance and help will work hard to make a difference.​
I am the one who has the responsibility to give back to others as a mentor, as a guide, as a supporter.​
I am the one who has special skills, who adds magic and my personal touch.​
I am the one who shares my blessings.​
I am the one who is committed to leave a mark on the world. I am one who wants to leave a legacy.​
I am the one who is gentle and yet can cause an earthquake. ​

I am the one who you can’t live without, I am who gives you joy.​
I am the one who lives in your mind, in your heart, in your hands, in your body, who lives in your senses, lives in your soul and in your spirit. ​
I am the one who heals you, who gives you freedom and purpose through your art and through your creativity. ​
I am the whispers of your soul, ​
I am the answer to your prayers. ​
So I tell you:​
Thrive sister thrive!​
I am the real you. I am your soul essence. ​
You have the sparkle and the glitter. Show your glow!​
Share your talents and shine your light!!!!​
You are here to make a difference. Old souls and new souls need you. ​
This is your spiritual practice and your spiritual connection. ​
This is your moment! ​
You have the guidance and the support. ​
The power is within you!​
Believe in yourself!​
It’s time to spread color and its time to live the vibrant life!​
You have large and powerful wings. It’s time to fly! ​

*This card came to life at a critical moment. It came to life after a specific moment where my personal achievements were called into question. This incident left me in shock and in despair but not for too long. I moved on. I moved on for good. ​