Archangel Gabriel

Jun 2, 2021 | inspiration

God is my strength. 
The strength of God.
Messenger of God.

Art: Gaudenzio Ferrari 

I call upon Archangel Gabriel to assist me in speaking my truth, so I may share my unique message with the world.

Gabriel is known as the Angel of revelation. 
It is the Archangel who visited the Divine Mother Mary to give her the news that Jesus was on his way. 
His role is as the communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth.

The Angel that helps us gain clarity about our decisions, express our emotions and communicate clearly and effectively with grace and power. 
The messenger angel works with writers, singers, poets, parents, teachers, counselors, writers, artists, actors, producers- in fact, everyone inspired to bring messages of hope and peace to the world in any way!

Gabriel helps us to be guided by intuition and our inner voice. He is the protector of children, caring for the soul of the child in all of us, especially when our spiritual growth has for some reason stopped, and when we are internally wounded or in need of love.

It is also the ambassador for change and the understanding that all things come and go.