Angels Of Motherhood

Jun 2, 2021 | inspiration

Art: Sandro Botticelli 

As I pulled this image out for March and I look at it, my heart feels love and pain. 

It’s hard to explain what motherhood is in just simple words.


A short word with infinite power. 

Bearers of life, keepers of wisdom, givers of love- Mothers carry on the world’s most honored profession. 

It’s the most Beautiful unconditional love there is. 

Mothers never hesitate to love and to love deeply. 

Giving themselves to others without expecting anything in return. 

Loving and giving nature of a woman. 

Our mothers provide us with our first home, they give us their hearts and their love, and we carry them with us forever. 

A mother’s love can be an eternal gift to us. No matter what happens, they are with us always in the things we do and the decisions we make. They are there in spirit and their love transcends the physical to guide us always.