Herein lies my message of hope, a beacon for those who seek a path towards their rejuvenation—a harmony of creativity and energy healing, sculpting the future with gentle hands. I found my strength in the heart of the jungle; it is my heartfelt mission to help every woman uncover her own. To all the women ready to rewrite their narratives, you are not alone.
Together, we will embrace the beauty of transformation, nurturing the seeds of change. Here’s to creating a world where every woman feels empowered, celebrated, and profoundly connected. Let this be your river, your reawakening to dreams and possibilities unbound.
This is more than a greeting; it is an invitation. An invocation for you to reconnect, heal, and affirm your place within the grand tapestry of life. Welcome home.
It is important to tell our stories, as they represent our most real, essential, powerful, beautiful selves.

My story, we not only give information about ourselves, but also help us not to forget them. Telling our stories repeatedly also allows us to access our precious memories and gain new insights and is often an inspiration for someone to speak from their heart and soul.

This is the story of how I lit the spark in my soul, embarked on a journey of personal growth and empowerment, and manifested my wings. It is also the story of how during my journey of transformation I discovered that I not only wanted to help myself but felt a deep calling to help others. I witnessed how powerful this process can be and that’s why I developed my flagship program called the blúmariposa journey.

If you believe in synchronicities and serendipities, YOU are here for a reason.

My own blúmariposa journey:

As a Caterpillar…

It all started on a New Year’s morning.

I woke up early that day with a clear vision and attitude and said NO MORE to feeling like a zombie going through the motions of everyday life. I realized that there was a higher calling for me, for my being, for my soul. I needed to feel alive again!

This was literally the first day of the rest of my life without imagining it and one of the biggest transitions of my life to date! I started with questions, what could it be? What was this feeling of madness and despair? I felt fear because it was a new feeling for me and because it didn’t magically disappear but stayed with me and with the passage of time it got stronger and stronger. It made me question my entire existence.

I could have sworn that my purpose in life had already fully arrived and been fulfilled when I became a mother. Yes, I am the mother of an incredible boy with whom I spent my days and nights to the fullest. There was no greater ecstasy than being the wife of a wonderful human being whom I loved very much and being a mother at this time. This feeling and need for search had nothing to do with my son or my husband. That was very clear. My life was complete in that area.

I was looking for something, some experience that I had no idea what it was, but it was calling my name loud and clear.

Intuitively I knew there was something deeper, something else waiting to be discovered or rediscovered like the magic in me.

To begin my personal story of transformation,

I must admit that I was not a great student. Standard education was never for me, and I always felt disconnected.

I was interested in unorthodox subjects that I studied and practiced, but life had another plan for me. It was my destiny to be an educator for 25 years. Yes! A teacher who taught languages to students from different parts of the world and from all walks of life, and who won the Teacher of the Year Award in Berlitz Bogotá and Beverly Hills, with a difference of 15 years. It had been an amazing experience so far, but on the morning of that New Year’s Day, everything changed. I felt that I had reached the top of my career. My pages were no longer exciting, they had turned blank, and my days felt dull and monotonous.

I had hit rock bottom without realizing it.

This was not me at all. I had loved and cherished every minute of being a teacher. I was lucky to be one without a doubt. I knew that this was my vocation from an early age and thus I continued to fulfill my destiny. So, what happened? Why the need to leave my job?

Well, it was time to move my knowledge, experience, and gifts acquired in all these years in a different direction. I finally realized that not only had I been teaching and guiding others to grow their wings and fly, but all these years had been a school for me as well. And what a school!

Like a caterpillar at this point, without hesitation, unable to contain myself, I started my own journey even though I had no idea what my next step would be, the only way to make it happen was to take a leap of faith and so I did.

The intention was set, I was determined to make it happen, and my life began to change.

The same day that I decided, or should I say the day that my SOUL decided to light the spark and change the course of my life’s vocation; The signs from heaven began to appear in front of my eyes, the synchronicities were frequent, and the opportunities knocked on my door like never before. It was my turn to grow my wings and fly, it was time to turn my blank pages into full color while reconnecting with my true essence and discovering new worlds.

It was time to allow wonder and freedom to flow through me.
In The Chrysalis…

This journey was not like any other journey. The transformation started from the inside out, gradually, and with that came pain, discomfort, confusion, fear, anxiety, but also curiosity, excitement, and joy as I began to understand and accept who I was truly meant to be.

This process required an enormous amount of soul-searching as well as courage, study, dedication, time, effort, tears, laughter, long days, endless nights and of course, lots of love. An incredible journey of deep discovery and healing. A new beginning through my own processes and my awakening.

I am the culmination of many pieces, inspirations, ideas, and dreams. Everything I have learned, all the situations I have lived through, all the lessons and blessings I have received throughout my life are part of who I am.

I am the culmination of many pieces, inspirations, ideas, and dreams. Everything I have learned, all the situations I have lived through, all the lessons and blessings I have received throughout my life are part of who I am.
The Butterfly Emerges…

The butterfly is happy with exactly where it is and I am today too, happy, and proud because it was important for me to continue with my vocation and passion.

I took a leap of faith to my soul’s calling and expanded my life purpose. I opened my mind and opened my heart to guidance as it pushed me to discover my greatest treasures. I have witnessed the wonderful truth about myself through my creativity and spirituality.

Teamwork, encouragement and support from my family, my angels on earth, made blúmariposa creative soul studios a reality.

For me, blúmariposa is transformation and joy.

I am the BUTTERFLY that symbolizes that TRANSFORMATION and that JOY

What is my intention for the blúmariposa journey?

My goal along with my faith, passion, and commitment is to make a difference, guide and help others who wish to reconnect with their essence, awaken their soul purpose, reach their full potential, and thrive.

I’m HEARTisan, SOULexplorer and creativeMIND behind blúmariposa Creative Soul Studios.

This is the time to spark your soul and manifest your wings!

I welcome you to your own personal growth and empowerment through creativity and spirituality.

Come take your own blúmariposa journey with me!

Some of the valuable lessons I learnt taking my own blúmariposa journey:

  • As I learned more and more about the butterfly and its journey, it became very important for me not only to learn about it, but also to follow its example of being present, living stage by stage to the fullest, taking the lessons with understanding and blessings with humility.

  • I recognize that each stage of our life is crucial to our physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

  • The butterfly never rushes into the caterpillar stage, does not give up in the chrysalis stage, is never in a hurry to take flight, and looks back with love and compassion.

  • Metamorphosis has been the magic that blúmariposa has taught me. The butterfly must leave the old behavior behind and look towards the next phase of existence.

  • I learned on my journey that I am not meant to be just one thing. Life gives me the blessing and opportunity each day to learn, grow and thrive as I live each day as a butterfly filled with endless possibilities.
Explore all the stages of the blúmariposa journey
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