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blúmariposa is an expressive arts studio, where you are guided to connect, explore, spark and awaken to your soul’s purpose as you manifest your wings and thrive by using your intuition, creativity, and spirituality.

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MariaCatalina & The Story Behind blúmariposa


While on a deep Spiritual Journey and going through a major transition in my life, holding on to my strong Faith and Angels, I realized there was a bigger calling for me. It was time to move my wisdom and experience of 25 years into a different direction.

I finally realized that I had not only been teaching others how to grow their wings and take flight, but this had actually been a school for me. I realized I could not go into my next chapter in this book called life without the valuable experience and life lessons I gained teaching and learning from all my students from all over the world.

I knew it was time to connect all my inner worlds. I could still follow my life calling. I could continue to teach and guide which I had been called to do from a very early age BUT this time in a more spiritual and creative way. It was time for me to share the other gifts I had been Blessed with. No more black and white pages. It was time to paint the sky in rainbow colors.

I’ve been working hard to make this dream a reality. This journey, like any journey, has taken a tremendous amount of real deep soul searching and discovery, passion, dedication, time, effort, tears, laughter, long days, endless nights, creative awakening, and purpose finding. A healing experience for sure. I have met incredible humans and have traveled to amazing places along this path. It has been a journey of valuable team work, encouragement and support from my family, my Earth angels.

My goal along with my faith, passion, love, courage, experience and belief is to make a difference and to help others who want to awaken to their soul purpose, enrich and manifest their wings, take flight and thrive.

I am the HEARTisan, the SOULexplorer and the CREATIVEmind behind Blúmariposa Creative Soul Studios.

This is the time to spark your soul and manifest your wings!


Our Offerings Include

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Soul Coaching

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Angel Wings Round Table

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Expressive and Intuitive Art

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Red Butterfly

Labyrinth & Nature

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